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Our company is installed in a century-old press located in the premises of a farm house in Vale de Salgueiro. Occupying half of the former whole property, it has become autonomous for more than 80 years. It first belonged to the agricultural exploration of António José Teixeira and his wife Delmina do Rosário Cunha Sotto Mayor and later on to Telmo do Nascimento Moreira and Maria de Lurdes Teixeira. 

Today this residence and all its annexes, including the winery, belong to  Sociedade Agrícola Quinta das Corriças, Lda. owned by the children and grandchildren of the last couple. 

It is a traditional, 150 year old farmhouse which symbolizes the matrix of a traditional middle class farmer whose income came from agriculture. In fact, there are still elements of the house that haven’t changed at all as, for example, the threshing floor used for corn, beans, chickpeas, almonds and other dry fruits, as well as the granaries, the old olive and grape press and numerous tanks of various sizes, where the precious nectar was stored. Nowadays, the production continues with more sophisticated and effective technology.

 Near the house, there are numerous vineyards that are property of the family members, being one of them “Corriças”, name given to a piece of land with fences a bit like for a cattle farm, and that today is a fully unified vineyard as well as the most productive of the company.

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